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Whisper, Frodo & Egypt

Whisper, Frodo & Eygpt
On top of their playhouse.

Whisper, a rex bunny, is very shy but friendly and very very soft. She always has to have her feet touching something or she panics.

Frodo, a Holland Lop, is the most sociable bunny. Everyone who meets him likes him. For me it was love at first site. He also bonded instantly with Egypt when we brought him home at the age of 4 weeks. This last year he suffered from head tilt. You can read more about that on his page.

Egypt, a Holland Lop, is the Queen Mother Bunny. She mothers all the other bunnies and bosses them around. As you can tell from her picture she is quite the ham. It took us several shots to get the picture we wanted but in each one she was always posing perfectly.
Egypt passed over the rainbow bridge the fall of 2000. To go to a memorial page click here memorial page.
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