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Bunnies up for adoption.
Last updated 3/9/02.


Hershey is now my permanent foster bunny. Cocoa divorced him because he kept biting her. He is now happily married to Dove who loves him too. When I have an opening for another house bunny they will be formally adopted. Cocoa was paired with another bunny and they have been adopted.

Hershey looks sooo cute! Can you believe he bites! And bites hard! It always results in lots of bleeding. He was in a school with a lot of kids when he started biting. He learned that it was an effective way to say he wants to be put down. They didn't want him any more (of course) and took him to a shelter. Currently, he and his friend CoCoa (picture below) are at my house learning that biting is not an acceptable means of communication. So far he is much better. Now he just nips you to communicate his feelings. It doesn't break the skin and doesn't usually bruise. One way to win his friendship is to brush him. He loves to sit in your lap and be brushed.


Here is CoCoa, Hershey's girlfriend. She is real sweet and friendly and never bites. Hershey and CoCoa love to snuggle.

Kasper & Karma

Karma passed over the rainbow bridge. And Kasper has been adopted.

Kasper & Karma are two very sweet bunnies. They were adopted but returned. Kasper's hair requires lots of grooming. So if you like to brush hair he's your man. Karma is a sweet natured girl who likes to be petted. These adorable guys are looking for a permanent home.

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If you are interested in adopting a bunny or helping the Colorado HRS out, here is a link to their site. click here To reach the National HRS click on their logo.

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