the Bedlington Terrier

Espresso sleeping
Sleeping with Tiffany on the couch. 3/22/00.

Espresso, the Bedlington terrier
With Karl in the mountains 7/10/99.
Espresso camping
At our camp site in the mountains 7/10/99.

Espresso on top of the Bunnies' playhouse
Playing on the bunny house. Hey! You're no bunny!
Espresso drinking from a cup
Taking a drink after a workout in the yard 7/11/99. Bedlington terriers like a good workout.
Espresso with blue ink
A blue boy after he played with an ink pen 8/11/99. Why does he look so cute!?

Espresso taking a bath
The bath afterwards 8/11/99.

His new friend Becker, my dad's dog. Becker is a miniature schnauzer.


Espresso and I recently drove to Seattle and back to Colorado, a 20 hour drive one-way. He again proved to be an excellent traveler. We stayed at a hotel and he got his first elevator ride. He took it like a gentleman!

Espresso, a Bedlington Terrier, likes to play with and hide socks. I have given him some of his own but he likes to steal mine. He hides them in corners of the house, beside the TV, behind a potted plant or outside in the leaves. I have left the leaves in one corner of the yard rather than raking them up so I will know where to find my socks when he takes them outside. Espresso also loves to go for rides in the car. He went all the way from Colorado to Tennessee, an 18 hour drive, with me and back. He is an excellent traveler. Espresso came to me from Carillon Bedlingtons. To get to their site click on their logo.

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