Espresso & China

June 2000. China thinks dog food is pretty tasty. Espresso is willing to share. Dog food is not very good for rabbits so we didn't let her get much.


Standing guard in the living room. After all this is her house.

China & Jerry

China found love with Jerry.


China recently went to the Colorado Chapter of the House Rabbit Society to find love. I had my doubts because she has been so aggressive. On her second try she met Jerry. It wasn't love at first site but they came to an understanding. Since Jerry has been living with her their love has grown and they are inseparatable now. She is very possessive of Jerry and doesn't let anyone pet him. (We do sneak around and pet him when she isn't looking. Don't let her know though.) He is her bunny man and she isn't sharing. As you can see they are just precious together and China rarely is aggressive anymore except where Jerry is concerned.

Jerry & Ben

Jerry & Ben


Jerry playing.

Jerry is a real sweetheart. He would have to be to put up with China. He is very devoted to her and dotes on her often, cleaning her face and snuggling. Jerry came to the HRS with Ben, a mini-rex. He picked on Ben frequently and the pair was broken up. Ben was paired with another bunny and was adopted. Jerry wasn't as lucky until he met China.

China is a very aggressive bunny. We had her spayed in hopes that she would settle down. However, it changed her very little. Neutering seems to work better at calming male rabbits. The information from the House Rabbit Society was very helpful in helping to deal with this very aggressive rabbit. You can visit them at...

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