Last updated 7/12/00.

Frodo trance

7/12/00 Here is a new cute picture of Frodo with carrot lips.

One thing that I have forgotten to mention in the past about Frodo is that he chases birds. He did it more frequently before he was neutered but he still does it. It is quite a site to see.

Frodo got to go for his annual ride in the car to look at the Christmas lights this year. Last year he missed due to illness. He loves riding in the car and watching the lights go by. As he tracks the lights with his eyes you can watch his little head move back and forth. He sits there watching very intensely until we pass an area where there are no lights and then he starts searching around for more lights.

Frodo has been bonded with Egypt from the day we brought him home. It was devistating for him when Egypt died. He now is bonded with Whisper but their relationship isn't as strong as the one he had with Egypt. However, they each now have each other to snuggle with.

China & Frodo

Frodo making friends with
Frodo angel under Christmas tree
Frodo playing Christmas angel.
Frodo with wingsFrodo with wings

Frodo trance

Frodo, he isn't dead just in a trance.
Frodo baby pictures.

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