Frodo with head tilt

Frodo's experience with "head tilt" or "wry neck" began on August 20th. I went to say good morning and found him with his head tilted slightly to his left. Immediately alarmed, I took him to the vet and he was put on antibiotics. Two days later he woke me in the middle of the night. I could hear something going on in the bunny pen. He was rolling uncontrollably. I wrapped him in a towel and sat with him until the veterinary office opened. They kept him for 3 days. When I took him home he had to be fed baby food with a syringe. This continued until mid-September when he was able to stand up well enough to fed himself. Antibiotic therapy lasted until Christmas. He eventually recovered but still has a slight tilt to his head. He doesn't have good enough balance to jump but he can get in and out of his litter box. His friend Egypt was glad to have him return to the pen they shared after his long absence. We were all glad to have him back in good health.

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