Mr. Bunz
Mr. Bunz

Mr. Bunz & Frodo
Making friends with Frodo.
Mr. Bunz

August 2000.

Mr. Bunz has crossed over the rainbow bridge. In July we found he had a large growth on his stomach which was very painful. He died before we could get him in for surgery. To visit the memorial page click here memorial page.

Mr. Bunz, a Holland Lop, did not stay friends with Frodo for long. After several scary fights I decided to separate the two. Mr. Bunz was adopted from someone moving out of town who couldn't take him with her. I didn't really want another rabbit but he came already neutered and with a large cage and an assortment of toys, bowls, food and various other supplies. He had more stuff than my kids took when they moved out. Mr. Bunz has since made his way into all our hearts. When he first came here he hated any change but over much time has become much more accepting and is very happy in his new home.

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