Dean Myers Family

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"Teaching And Preaching The Word of The Lord"

"For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying
 of the body of Christ:  Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the
 knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of
 the stature of the fulness of Christ:
" - Ephesians 4:12-13

Testimony and Burden

At the age of twenty four, Dean Myers began what he thought was going to be a lifelong career in engineering.  On the first day of work, the owner of that firm shared with him the gospel message.  Although Dean did not grow up in a highly religious environment, God had been working in his heart and he was very interested in what was shared that day.  Praise the Lord for the faithfulness of that man in continuing to take time to teach him of Christ the Savior.  Some time later, in March of 1989, Dean understood his need to be saved and right there at work he made a conscious decision to call upon the Lord to be his Savior.  After nine years of working at that firm, God worked in his heart and through His Word to confirm to him that he could find no peace outside serving Him full time preaching His Word.  It soon became evident to Brother Dean and to those around him that God was equipping him for the work of evangelism.  Since he has been saved he has enjoyed being a help to pastors.  His philosophy in evangelism is along the same principle.  It is his goal to be a helper and a co-laborer with pastors in local church ministry to the glory of God.


Ministry Services Offered:

Revival Meetings

Evangelistic Meetings

Teen/Youth Meetings

Chapel Services

Children's Programs

Personal Evangelism Training

Outreach Ministry Training

Family Camps



As pastor of the Baptist Tabernacle, I am glad to be able to say a word about the ministry of Evangelist Dean Myers. 
Brother Myers is a studious, heartfelt preacher, who always gives you plenty of the Word of God.  
He is zealous for souls, and is a great help to the pastor while holding the meeting.
His precious family is a wonderful asset and blessing.  I recommend him sincerely, 
and am sure he will be a great encouragement to any local church.  Yours for souls.
    Dave Harrison, Pastor - The Baptist Tabernacle Church, Ladson, SC

It has been our joy as a church to witness God's call to Dean Myers.  Two words that come to mind are "fervency" and "intensity."  While with us, his fervent study of God's Word ignited his heart with a burden to pursue His God.  With this growth came an extreme burden that others would also follow.  This intensity has remained in Dean's life during these recent years of training.  I have marveled at the depth of his involvement in the ministry while working and going to school  full-time.  God has provided a wonderful companion for the ministry in his wife, Lisa.  Their hearts are knit together for the work.  As a pastor seeing the need for God-called evangelists, I heartily recommend Dean to you.
    Tim Coley, Senior Pastor - Bethany Baptist Church, Grand Rapids, Ohio

It is with great enthusiasm I recommend to you, Evangelist Dean Myers.  Here is a man who truly desires to honor the Lord with his life.  As a preacher, he handles the Word of God with great care.  Like a surgeon handles his instruments to bring good health to his patients, Dean breaks apart Bible truths and brings them to the attention of his listeners.  He challenges all that hear him to commit to a spiritual life change.  You will notice readily that the Lord's hand is upon Dean Myers.
Morris Gleiser, Youth Pastor - Tri-City Baptist Church, Blue Springs, MO

I am so privileged to have the opportunity to recommend to you Dean Myers, an outstanding evangelist, for your ministry.  He has a great passion for the Lord and for God's Word.  He preaches with compassion and conviction.   His family is a testimony of his Biblical leadership at home and in the church.  I know he and his family will be a blessing to the churches and the people they serve through the ministry of evangelism.  He has preached for me in the past, and I will have him preach here again in the future.  Please consider using him in your ministry as well.
Dr. Carl Herbster, Senior Pastor - Tri-City Baptist Church, Blue Springs, MO

It has been my privilege to know and work closely with Dean Myers during his years of seminary training.  As a seminary student and an active layman in our church, Dean has been exemplary in his zeal and commitment to the Word of God and the work of God.  He not only has a great passion for preaching but also a great passion for people. It is very obvious that God's hand is upon Dean and I am confident that he will be both inspirational and beneficial to churches, schools and camps that allow him to  minister the Word of God.
Marvin Musick, Outreach Pastor - Tri-City Baptist Church, Blue Springs, MO


Ministry Background:

Earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible and a Masters of Arts degree in Pastoral Studies from Heart of America Theological Seminary, Blue Springs, Missouri.
Assisted in the development and teaching of the personal evangelism training program "Ambassadors for Christ" at Tri-City Baptist Church, Blue Springs, Missouri.
Coordinated the visitation assignments and helped keep track of the visitor follow-up for Tri-City Baptist Church, Blue Springs , Missouri.
Organized and taught a twice-a-week Bible study at work during college years.
Actively involved in the bus ministry at both Bethany Baptist Church, Grand Rapids, Ohio and Tri-city Baptist Church, Blue Springs, Missouri.  This allowed the privilege to work in rural and inner city settings.
Taught Sunday School and worked in the "Patch the Pirate" children's ministry at Bethany Baptist Church, Grand Rapids, Ohio.
Served as a Trustee in Bethany Baptist Church, Grand Rapids, OH.
Pulpit supply preaching as the Lord allowed.


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