Our Services

Sunday Worship

The Baptist Tabernacle meets for worship of our Lord on Sundays at 11AM and again at 6PM.  We are pleased to be considered an old-fashioned country church.  Each message is recorded and a tape is available upon request.

Children's Church

The Baptist Tabernacle offers a church session geared to children's needs from ages 4 to 10.  We have Bible time, singing and instruction to allow the younger children to grow in the Lord and to be ready for the regular church session when they are a little older.

Adult Sunday Class

The Baptist Tabernacle Adult Sunday Class meets for study of God's Word on Sunday mornings at 10AM.  We recently completed a twenty-eight week study of the Gospel of Matthew.  We are now doing a detailed study of the Gospel of John.  Come learn God's Word with us!!

Teen Sunday Class

The Teen Class at the Baptist Tabernacle is presently studying material produced for this age group.

Children's Sunday Class

The Baptist Tabernacle has a Children's Sunday School class for ages 4 to 10.
This class offers Bible study and learning of scripture at a level that is understood by this age group.  All are welcome!!!  Come join us and bring your little ones. Transportation is available if necessary.  Call our Pastor to make arrangements.

The Baptist Tabernacle meets for mid-week teaching and prayer meeting each Wednesday at 7PM.


The Baptist Tabernacle offers Nursery service for visitors having children from newborn to age 4.  One of our members will be honored to care for the babies and toddlers in order for you to enjoy the service.

Youth Ministry

Our church is working with all ages ranging from 8 to 18.
The youth group has various activities including ping pong, hikes, scavenger hunts and just good, old fashioned, clean (sometimes- except for the chocolate syrup) fun.  The well-supervised activities are held either at the church or at one of the parents' homes.  Transportation is available to those who need it.  Please call our Pastor to make arrangements.

We at The Baptist Tabernacle invite you to join us at any or all of our activities.