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During the same weekend that we were on the camping trip, another of our members was traveling
in a different part of the North Carolina mountains.  While there, he took this picture.

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Three panoramic views of the Mount Mitchell trip.  
The first is from an overlook into a valley.  Our campsite was down there somewhere.
The second is from the parking lot looking northwest.  The east side was in heavy clouds.
The third is from the tower also looking northwest.  What a view!

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What a fantastic time we had on the camping trip to the North Carolina mountains.
The weather was perfect for the hike to the summit of Mount Mitchell.
We thank the Lord for the safe trip and the fellowship around the campfire.

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A few pictures from the Edisto River canoe trip.

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From the ground breaking and dedication to the digging and pouring 
of the foundation to the delivery and installation, we have a new sign.
We want to thank all who offered prayers, funding and other contributions to this effort.

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